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Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test is a truly scientific study of the fingerprint patterns. This will help in understanding a great individual’s potential & personality Type. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is based on understanding from Neuroscience, Genetics, Dermatoglyphics Psychology and Embryology. DMIT Test Assessment method has been formulated by scientists and Medical experts. DMIT Test has accepted by Entire world and also from renowned universities. Medical experts and Approved clinical experience confirmed that finger prints provide accurate analysis of humans Multiple Intelligences and inborn potential. Traditionally only IQ test is used to be a measurement tool for degree of intelligence. Now Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test Using in the field of School college and educational institutions. Human resource management. Children memory Enhancements Programs. Career Guidance and Career Counseling.
Midbrain activation is a method of helping children to own their powerful whole brain ability. It’s to stimulate a balance condition between the left and right brain. The children would have the ability to do things with their eyes closed. This active intuition on children as they grow up will enable the right brain to remain active and will not only be dominated by their left brain. The middle and the whole brain will function optimally.
Successful parenting happens when a person creates for a child a stable, nurturing home environment, is a positive role model, and plays a positive and active part in a child's life. Good parents provide moral and spiritual guidance, set limits, and provide consequences for a child's behavior.
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1. Help children in learning effectively.

2. A kinesthetic learner is fine in expressing their thoughts and feelings using body language and prefers to gain knowledge or learn through process and movement.

3. To realize and devise an effective way to relate with your child based on the child’s inherent communication style.

4. Reinforces weak points of the child and endow him with an appropriate learning method.

5. To identify and build up a useful interaction method with your child.

6. An auditory learner likes to learn through oral practice or auditory sense and tries to assimilate, organize and arrange oral information
To advise parents to position their child in courses where the set of programs suits the child’s inherent learning style.

7. To remove the ‘trial and error’ state when parents tries to make their child learn something without knowing whether the child will be able to understand.

8. Every child is unique and holds different genetic talents
To utilize a proven method (up to 95% accuracy) to make known a child’s hidden potential and both strength and weakness.

9. To give parents a closer look into their child’s brain and to groom the child effectively and to nurture the talents they possess.

10. To help parents on focusing on their child’s potency.

11. A visual learner has quick observation/visual differentiation and prefers to learn through reading and observing things.